Your home or business is your greatest asset. 

If disaster strikes, we will help you recover from property loss and damage. 

For more than 100 years, public insurance adjusters at Swerling Milton Winnick have helped businesses and individuals navigate the residential and commercial property recovery process so they can get back to work – and back to their lives. 

We do this by:

  • Explaining your insurance coverage, evaluating damage and preparing claims
  • Assisting and advising on the application of your insurance coverage
  • Working directly for you, as the insured individual or business, with total loyalty
  • Negotiating a settlement with your insurer to secure the most favorable recovery for you
  • Managing logistics - from storing your inventory to finding a place to stay while you put your life and business back together

Did you know that your insurance adjuster works for your insurer – not for you, the customer?

If your home or business has been damaged by fire, water or natural disaster, we'll partner with you to get the most out of your recovery and settlement. We know that tragedy doesn't have normal business hours – and we're here for you 24/7.


We cover residential and personal property losses from the smallest to the most complex. 

As New England's largest public adjusting firm, we have extensive experience with:


Fire and smoke damage



Catastrophic weather events, hurricane and windstorm damage


Flood and water damage


Theft and vandalism


Hail, ice damage and other winter weather events


Thunderstorms and Lightning


Our customers say:


"We lost our only manufacturing facility in this fire and this event could have had a serious impact on our growing business if not for the outstanding counsel provided by you... It was not long before I saw the huge difference in your skills versus the consultants provided by our agent. With your expertise, counsel and negotiating, we eventually convinced (the insurer) to begin paying the claim, and I am not sure what would have taken place without your involvement."

Residential Client

"Before this experience we had no idea what services public adjusters provided. We soon discovered that we were unprepared to even decipher the details of our homeowner's insurance policy and that we would not be able to handle the innumerable details of replacing property and rebuilding without knowledge assistance. To have the expertise of your team to work with us was the best (and easiest) decision we made."


"WinnResidential manages over 92,000 apartments and condominiums in 23 states, and we trust SMW with our insurance adjusting needs. SMW has handled reporting for every manner of catastrophe, from flood to fires to tornados and everything in between... Because of your reputation, skill, knowledge and professionalism, you have been able to consistently obtain excellent results for Winn."