Consumer Reports (and Diane Swerling) Say: Get a Public Adjuster!


Diane Swerling recently had a chance to share her thoughts on what flood victims can do to deal with insurance companies when they suffer a flood-related property loss.  Consumer Reports produced a piece on the recent historic flooding in the Midwest that left rivers swollen and levees breached.  With both the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers threatening to continue flooding, CR turned to Diane as a national claims expert to advise what homeowners and renters can do to minimize the challenges of dealing with insurance companies.

In a March 20 article, CR provided 3 key tips for homeowners to follow in order to get everything they’re entitled to from their insurance companies.  In addition to prompt communication and vigilance with the insurance adjuster, CR recommended that people consider hiring a public insurance adjuster.  And to provide commentary on this key piece of advice, CR sought Diane’s insights to help their readers understand the importance of hiring the right expert.

To read the 3/20/19 article in Consumer Reports, please click here.

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