Congratulations, Cedardale! We Knew You Could Do It!


Thursday, May 30 marked a truly momentous day for one of SMW’s favorite clients – the grand reopening of Cedardale Health and Fitness in Haverhill, MA.  Cedardale’s many loyal members turned out in force to celebrate the brand new, state-of-the-art facility with the visionary Veasey family.

It wasn’t easy.

We know because we met with the Veaseys days after the devastating fire in March 2017 that left the old facility in ashes.  There were so many decisions and so much work to do, that the thought of a grand reopening seemed so far in the distance.

We’re proud to have helped the Veaseys in this process, and so happy for the entire Cedardale family.

Any business that suffers a crushing property loss can attest to the difficulties of starting over. As public adjusters whose clients are often those same businesses, we know firsthand how daunting these challenges can be.  But we also know that success often comes from these moments, and opportunities lie within what seem like devastating property losses.

The story of Cedardale’s successful reopening last week is the perfect example.

We are so proud of the Cedardale family – congratulations on this wonderful occasion!

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