Diane Swerling Provides Post-Hurricane Advice for Consumer Reports Readers


When Hurricane Michael ripped through the Florida panhandle last month, it left a trail of wreckage that carried all the way to the Carolinas and Virginia.  In its wake, homeowners and renters from Miami to Newport News faced the daunting task of picking up the pieces and starting the long process of responding to a natural disaster.

Recognizing the many challenges faced by storm ravaged residents, Consumer Reports recently produced a helpful article outlining the proper steps homeowners and renters should take to get the most out of their insurance coverage.  After all, submitting insurance claims becomes a central focus for anyone impacted by a hurricane or other catastrophe.

According to CR’s article, hiring a public adjuster is one of the critical steps policyholders should consider.  For first-hand expertise on the value and benefits of having a public adjuster, CR turned to none other than Diane Swerling.  As a Vice President and Principal at Swerling Milton Winnick Public Insurance Adjusters, Inc., Diane helps business, home and resort owners, condominium complexes, hotels and others recover after every type of major catastrophic event - including hurricanes.

Diane advised CR readers to check the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters as a first step in finding a public adjuster.  She explained that, upon making contact, policyholders should insist on getting references from past clients, make sure they have several years of experience as a public adjuster, and verify that they have a state license where required.  In the five states where no licensing is required—Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, South Dakota, and Wisconsin—insureds should contact an attorney who works with catastrophe victims to help them find a reputable adjuster.  She also provided insights on the ins and outs of standard flood policies.

To read the full text of the Consumer Reports article, please click here.

After major hurricanes like Hurricane Michael, clients with complex losses can rely on Swerling Milton Winnick to support them with decades of post-hurricane experience.  To hear directly from our clients about how Swerling helps after hurricanes and other storms, please visit our testimonials.

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