Meet your dedicated team

we bring together a deep roster of professionals who collaborate as one team, combining individual expertise and specialization to work together - for you. 

every team member has passed strict state examinations covering insurance law and building construction procedures and is a licensed loss adjustment expert. 

Paul Winnick


Since 1976, when he was recruited to join SMW by Bruce Swerling, Paul Winnick has built a reputation as a leader in the insurance adjustment field. Paul's hard work and dedication have allowed SMW to reach businesses and residents locally, nationally and internationally. On a daily basis, Paul brings his experience and extensive knowledge to bear in resolving the most sophisticated and complex cases for SMW clients.

What does a public adjuster do?

Explain coverage,
evaluate damage, and
prepare claims

Assist and advise on
the application of your
insurance coverage

Help businesses and
individuals during and
after property losses

Work directly for
the insured with
undivided loyalty

Negotiate a settlement
with the insurer and
secure the most
favorable recovery

Provide peace
of mind when you
need it most

If you have suffered a major property loss,
contact our team of experts today.

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